Daniel Rosenberg, P.A.

An Attorney with unmatched credentials.

As a Founding partner, Daniel Rosenberg established this law office with principals, credibility and compassion. Throughout Daniel’s colorful childhood, he lived everywhere from New York to Israel. This helped him to develop an appreciation for the different cultures of the world and the many people with whom he came in contact. It taught him the importance of treating every individual with respect, patience and a genuine sense of caring.

From your first meeting, you will find Daniel easy to confide in. His belief is, if you are not comfortable in speaking with your attorney, you will not get the results needed for a successful outcome of your case. The Law Office of Daniel Rosenberg P.A. is dedicated to making you feel at ease by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect.

You will experience a difference the minute
you walk in the door.

Daniel Rosenberg began his passion for law at Coastal Carolina University, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He then finished his undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida.

While putting himself through school, Daniel worked in Sarasota, Florida and eventually moved to Fort Lauderdale to study at The STU School of Law. He graduated with honors in the top of his class, ranking 18 out of 300. While attending the University, he worked for a prestigious law firm and then later for the Broward County Public Defender’s Office. Daniel gained a rich background of legal contrast and representation in a variety of notable cases.

Daniel Rosenberg is proud of his firm’s excellent reputation in family law, contracts, personal injury and criminal cases. As a Center of Excellence, Daniel Rosenberg P.A. has focused its practice in the criminal defense field and civil litigation.

Experience and trust…meet Daniel Rosenberg in person and discover how this hardworking attorney can make a difference in your life and in your case. You need the right person, right now.