Driving Under the Influence

An increasingly common offense in today’s society is Driving Under The Influence. While DUI laws vary from state to state the infraction of drunk driving goes by several other names including, DWI‚ Driving While Impaired, OUI‚ Operating Under the Influence or any number of others. No matter what it is called, you may be facing serious consequences, heavy fines, loss of your drivers license, public humiliation and even jail time. The importance of hiring a qualified DUI attorney who can mount a proper drunk-driving defense is critical. While the decision to get into your car and drive after having a few drinks is a bad one, going to court without a skilled Florida drunk driving defense lawyer could be a worse one.

In Florida as in all states DUI laws are based on BAC, Blood Alcohol Concentration. It is now a crime in all fifty states to be driving with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08. For some people that could be as little as one or two glasses of wine with dinner. And, you do not need to be over the legal limit to be charged with DUI.

An arrest for drunk driving will result in immediate suspension of your drivers license. Suspension of your license is a separate issue with the DMV from your criminal case. However, an expert attorney from the Law Office of Daniel Rosenberg P.A., a specialist in drunk driving defense, will be able to speed up a suspension hearing and may be able to obtain a restricted or provisional license so you may drive under certain conditions until your court case is heard.

Florida DUI laws can be very complicated. Just because you were arrested for drunk driving does not mean you were guilty, even if you failed a field sobriety test. Pressure from state legislators and the threat of loss of federal highway funds have lead to very aggressive arrest policies and prosecutions for DUI. Not every arrest for drunk driving is justified. A DUI is a serious legal matter, but not every lawyer is qualified to give you the best defense. A skilled DUI attorney knows how to challenge every bit of evidence that has been brought against you. DUI attorneys know how to dismantle the prosecution and case against you. A specialized DUI attorney is your best defense in creating reasonable doubt and finding you not guilty of driving under the influence. Learn more about being arrested for a DUI in Fort Lauderdale.

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