Bond out of jail

In Broward County, Florida, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and as such is afforded under the constitution the right to bond out of jail pending their court hearing. This is not a privilege but a right!!!

The bond must be reasonable after all, a person who is arrested is not guilty of anything until they have had the opportunity to go to court. Even if another law firm has attempted to get you or your loved one a lower bond, things have a way of changing.
For example, the Covid-19 or Corona Virus crisis. Many, if not all individuals currently incarcerated should have their bond status reviewed by the Courts since this virus is life threatening, and these individuals do not deserve a potential death sentence by remaining in custody. As such, our office will immediately file a motion to reduce or modify an individual’s bond to either lower the amount, or assist an individual to be placed on secure supervision in their own homes, rather than in the jails. We can file a motion to reduce or modify bond, and appear for a bond hearing in front of the Judge that will actually be handling your case.

In addition, many times, new factors have to come to light which necessitates the Court reviewing an individual’s situation again. When an individual is charged with a crime in the State of Florida, they MUST be brought before a Judge within 24 hours of their arrest. This happen 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This hearing is called Magistrate or First Appearance Court. At this hearing, the Judge will determine whether at least probable cause exists for the charge, and will set a bond where applicable.

A bond is a mechanism the Courts use to ensure an individual returns to Court, and minimizes the chance of a new crime being committed by this individual. Bonds can be monetary, through supervision of the State, or for minor charges, can be a release on a person’s own recognizance (ROR) without any supervision or monetary bond. Judges determine bonds by weighing two factors: 1. The danger the individual poses to the community and 2. The flight risk the individual poses. The danger an individual poses to the community is determined by the level of the offense currently charged, and the number or prior arrests the individual has had. If the person is charged with a first degree felony and has many prior arrests, The Court with set a significantly high bond. If the person is a first time offender, and is charged with a lower offense, the bond will be much lower. Whether a person is deemed a flight risk is determined by the level of the offense, and whether a person has significant ties to the community. If an individual is charged with a serious crime that is punishable by many years in prison, and does not have significant ties to the community, they will have a very high bond. If the person has lived in the county a long time, has a family in the community, and is charged with a crime with lower consequences, the bond will be lower.

After the bond and/or supervision restriction has been set by the Magistrate Judge, we can fight to have your bond reduced and/or eliminate restrictions that the original bond set in place at a later hearing. In any case, at any time, an individual is entitled to have their bond status reviewed during different stages of their case. Our office will work tirelessly to get you or your loved one home in order for them to effectively assist us in the defense of yours or their case.