Charged with a Felony?

What happens now?  How can I protect my rights?

            Getting an attorney involved early in your case can dramatically increase your chances of success.  Your arraignment will be held within 21 days of the State filing a document called an  “information” (also known as a charging document) charging you with a crime.  All motions to dismiss must be filed by the date of the arraignment or those motions are waived!  Don’t give up your rights!  In addition to filing a motion to dismiss, in appropriate cases, a criminal defense attorney can contact the filing division for the State Attorney’s Office and attempt to persuade them not to file criminal charges! 


NO! If you “wait and see”, you could very well waive your right to have your case dismissed or not even filed.

ALL FELONY CHARGES ARE SERIOUS!  The lowest level felony, 3rd degree, carries a maximum of 5 years Florida State Prison!  Additionally all felony convictions will result in the loss of your civil rights.  This includes the loss of your right to vote and the loss of your right to hold numerous jobs and licenses.

Daniel Rosenberg and the team of attorneys with his firm have extensive experience representing individuals charged with felony criminal offenses.  Mr. Rosenberg and his associates have represented individuals charged with felony offenses including, but not limited to, felony DUI, felony drug possession, drug trafficking, armed robbery, capital sexual battery and capital murder.